Friday, April 8, 2011


The suffix for hours or o'clock is -ji. Note that 4 o'clock is pronounced as yoji, not yonji.

1 o'clock ichiji
2 o'clock niji
3 o'clock sanji
4 o'clock yoji *
5 o'clock goji
6 o'clock rokuji
7 o'clock shichiji
8 o'clock hachiji
9 o'clock kuji
10 o'clock juuji
11 o'clock juuichiji
12 o'clock juuniji

For minutes attach -fun to the standard set of numbers.


To make a time of day combine the hour from above with the minute.


yoji sanjunifun - 4:32
goji gojuuhappun - 5:58

One can also use the term han for half past the hour. Han literally means half.


hachiji han - 8:30

To distinguish between A.M. and P.M. use the terms gozen and gogo. A.M. is gozen and P.M. is gogo. Note that gozen and gogo should appear before the time, not after.


gogo sanji - 3 P.M.
gozen niji juuippun - 2:11 A.M.

To ask what time it is now, the phrase Ima, nanji desu ka. can be used.


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